Maryen Cairns


Maryen Cairns is an Australian singer/songwriter now based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Maryen has re-emerged as a diverse artist, writing and performing from her authentic heart and real life experience,  fearlessly exploring genres and textures from her contemporary folk rock background. 

Maryen has always written from a place where the veil is very thin, where her fascination for the imagined, the deep spiritual world and very real history (which often proves stranger than fiction) spills into her music. 

Recently Maryen’s music has reached a new depth. In 2020 the message of hope, the message of keeping faith, the message of community and friendship and is at the forefront of her work. Currently working with iconic producer Chris Kimsey, the new songs are almost ready.

Although to the general public Maryen is a new face, she has worked for many years on her craft, which has taken her both across Australia and around the world. She was based in London for a decade working with world class musicians & playing shows both solo and with her band, including supports for FISH at Hammersmith Apollo and The Troggs  at The Astoria Theatre.   She instigated and ran the 1st Sydney Songwriters Open Mic night for 2 years. Having raised a family on an off-the-grid mountaintop in South East Queensland, Maryen  worked with children in remote communities in Western Australia to help them write their own stories into song, and wrote a show telling the stories of 12 significant Australian women, presenting it at the Somerset Celebration of Literature and taking it on the road with her family across 18,000 kilometres in 2017. 

All the time she was writing, writing, writing. With a fascination for the imagined, the deep spiritual world and very real history (which often proves stranger than fiction), Maryen has continued to develop as a singer and songwriter, as evidenced in her 2019 album COME TO ME.

2020 has already proved to be an extraordinary year… for Maryen, currently in Guernsey (where the borders are still closed), the music technology she has been involved in for so long is proving its use. Collaborating remotely with a musical team in London the first song Hope will be released 18th September.




The Pictures Within (1992)

For Eternity (1994)

Stories From Beneath (2004)

Stories From The Red Tent (2012)

Femina Australis (2016)

Come To Me (2019)


Too Young To Die (1992)

Breaking (1994)

The Red Tent (2012)

The Devil’s Fly (2018)

The Mouth Of The Goddess (2018)

Steam (2019)

Hope (2020)



Handing Down The Knowledge (Songs for Homebirth) 2009

Other Albums:

Fish - Internal Exile (1991)

Adrian Borland - 5:00 AM (1997)