Maryen Cairns

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Hope is the storm raging within; as the timpani roars it becomes thunder and as the piano falls crisp and gentle it becomes the rain. Cairns’s voice conveys the emotion of determination, as she soars above the thunder clouds to find the sun, taking you with her on a journey we each face. She erupts from this void of helplessness and ignites a sense of “hope”.

Hope is released 18th September 2020. Produced by Chris Kimsey. Jennifer Maidman - bass, electric guitar, engineer for these instruments. James Larter - percussion. Freddy Wordsworth - trumpet. Maryen Cairns - writer, piano, acoustic guitar, vocals, engineer for these instruments. George Murphy - engineer for percussion & trumpet at Eastcote Studios. Mixed by Chris Kimsey & Maryen Cairns. Mastered by Andrew Tulloch at The Blue Studio.

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    Hope 3:56