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Stories From The Red Tent is Maryen Cairns' 4th solo album, written, performed, recorded & produced by Maryen in her eco-friendly off-the-grid yurt in SE Queensland, Australia, mixed by Rob Feaster at Quad Studios in Nashville, USA.

The natural surroundings Maryen recorded in are echoed in the music... piano, acoustic guitar, vocals vocals vocals harmonising... bodram, treble recorder, percussion, strings... every note matters... the sonic journey is far reaching and will echo back in your mind long after the CD has played.

Stories From The Red Tent is a concept album where all the songs occur in a women’s space known as The Red Tent, where in times gone by the women would retreat for a few days each month. Together they would relax, talking & telling stories whilst others did their usual chores. The stories on this CD encompass birth, Goddesses, the want of a child, lost love, Mother Earth ; our relationship with the land, Starflow, the last dragon, and the loss of personal privacy through surveillance. Poetic and political, there are real issues here that are contentious, and what better way for these views to be aired than from inside The Red Tent.

With an hour of music consisting of 12 songs ranging from 2 and a 1/2; minutes (Red Tent Jive) to over 8 minutes (Watch The Dragon Rise) Maryen takes the listener on a journey of acoustic instruments & both earthy and heavenly vocals (Starflow). The Red Tent is the single released with the album though there are many radio may enjoy... The Face of a Child, Twelve Hawks, Deep In A Women's Memory, Come Home and Red Tent Jive spring to mind.> Finally, the album ends with Homebirth, the song which has recieved 53,000+ views on YouTube together with photographer Deirdrie Cullen's birth images.

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