The Mouth Of The Goddess

Maryen Cairns

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The Mouth of The Goddess is the 2nd Single from the forthcoming album COME TO ME and is released 14th December 2018. (NOTE PLEASE: if you Pre-Order COME TO ME - release date 22 February 2019 - then this single is sent to you on 14 December 2018 OR directly after you make the purchase, whichever occurs first).

A vision of actual physical possession by The Goddess...

Drums - Evan Jenkins Bass - Jennifer Maidman Guitars - nylon, electric - Ollie Clark Piano, Accordion - Paddy Milner Percussion - Karlos Edwards Shaker, vocals, guitar - Maryen Cairns Written by Maryen Cairns Produced & Arranged by Chris Kimsey Mixed by George Murphy at Eastcote Studios Recorded in Springbrook, QLD & Eastcote Studios

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